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Fiberglass Anchor Base

Fiberglass Anchor Base: F.A.S.T.

Fast Anchoring System for Tanks
Meet our solution to numerous challenges traditional deadman anchors bring to underground tank installation projects. Fiberglass anchor base is a lightweight new generation of the anchoring system for underground storage tanks that offers many advantages over its traditional counterparts in many aspects such as freight, reception and storage, shipping to customers, ease of handling, ultra-short installation time, and significantly higher security for the construction team. This new system called F.A.S.T. is an innovative product that is the result of a long process of research, design, and development. A solution like never before.

“The time has come for significant changes, with rethinking the timeline definition of a project.”

Installation of underground tanks will no longer require several days. Productivity will increase as the installation time has been significantly reduced. Safety will increase as workers are no longer exposed to the unrestrained walls of the excavated holes and hazardous conditions during the anchoring process. This fiberglass anchor base is designed for maximum efficiency during an installation.

Easy Alignment

Designed to work with all types of strap configurations. Depending on the selected connection method, it can be a strap with our standard D-hook at the end or other types of end hooks.

These new anchor bases are almost %90 lighter than traditional concrete deadman anchors; so light that they can be handled without using heavy machinery.

A solution that will drastically reduce your installation costs.

One-Step Fix

F.A.S.T. offers the full potential of our lightweight fiberglass deadman anchors in one package as a one-step installation solution for underground storage tanks that will reduce costs and increase productivity.

F.A.S.T. reduces installation time and inherent hazards. An effortless installation with an anchoring system that comes pre-assembled on the tank and loaded together on the shipping trailer, ready for being lowered into place. All the work is done at ground level, which accelerates, facilitates, and secures operations.

Full Adaptability

Our fiberglass anchor bases offer full adaptability to the existing installation requirement of major manufacturers in the underground storage tank market. The anchor bases are available in various lengths, from 4ft to 22ft, and due to their slotted design, they have easy adaptability to different tank sizes and rib configurations.

Besides, since these anchor bases are made with the same width of 18 inches as the traditional deadman anchors, they provide the same restraint force in the tank buoyancy calculation with a much higher safety factor for the anchor base itself, thanks to the special mechanical properties of the utilized raw materials and also the build quality of these products.

Performance and Efficiency
on the Next Level

Our R&D team has designed F.A.S.T. with high safety factors, and to compensate for any uncertainties in the product, safety factors are validated through both computer simulations and full-scale experiments. We have utilized the world’s most advanced computer solutions such as SolidWorks and ABAQUS to improve the performance and efficiency of this new system, and to assure our customers about the exceptional performance of our new system.

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