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Underground storage tanks

Underground storage tanks are used to store various liquid materials. These tanks are made in different sizes and volumes and are often quite heavy, however, depending on the burial depth, they can also be dangerous if they get subject to flotation due to buoyancy. Considering the usually large volume of these tanks, the buoyancy force created at the time of a raise in the water level can be significantly strong, and if not anchored properly, it has the potential for even causing it to break through the earth above. To prevent accidents, hold-down straps specifically designed for underground storage tanks are recommended. These straps connect to anchor bases and help to keep the tank from moving and from spilling its contents.

Deadman anchors and bottom-hold-down slabs are the common methods for securing underground storage tanks against buoyancy forces using straps. However, no matter which one of these methods is provided as the anchoring method for your underground tank, our hold-down straps are known for best-in-class resistance, reliability, and compatibility. Moreover, our new invention, known as the Fast Anchoring System for Tanks, combines all the advantages of our hold-down straps with our innovative and lightweight composite deadman anchors.

Fiberglass Anchor Bases

Fiberglass Anchor Bases

Fast Anchor System for Tanks which is our one-step installation solution for underground tanks.

Our new generation of anchor bases, unlike the traditional concrete deadman products, are made of fiberglass composites which makes them significantly lighter and also more sustainable in underground situations with no performance loss. The amazing features and technical specifications of these composite products make them a perfect choice for securing underground storage tanks with a very high safety factor, beyond the expected life of the tank itself.

These composites are completely non-corrosive and will not rust or corrode underground, which is ideal for long-term storage tanks. But, the main advantage of using such lightweight anchor bases is offered as the Fast Anchor System for Tanks which is our one-step installation solution for underground tanks. This is a system with an anchoring system pre-assembled on the tank and shipped on the same trailer, which makes the installation process quite effortless upon arrival at the construction site. Moreover, the slotted design of these fiberglass anchor bases results in easy adaptability to different tank sizes of major tank manufacturers.

Hold-Down Straps

 Made of glass fiber composites

Hold-down straps are made of glass fiber composites and are used to connect underground tanks to anchor bases. The glass fiber composites used to make straps have a high tensile strength, which ensures that they will not break even when subjected to very high loads. Our straps benefit from a unique pultrusion process with best-in-class raw materials and a patented composite-to-metal bonding technology for connecting the straps to the deep-galvanized metal hooks.

Pultrusion Technique’s hold-down straps are known as the first choice of manufacturers, engineering firms, and installers in the underground tank industry. We supply major tank manufacturers in North America and other clients worldwide. To ensure a zero failure ratio in our products, all straps go through rigorous testing before packaging. This is a test under tensile loads higher than the graded ultimate level for the product, and after applying the safety factors.

Hold-Down Straps

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