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Hold-Down Straps

Hold-Down Straps

Hold-down straps are made to work in conjunction with adequately sized anchoring to counteract the underground tank’s natural buoyant forces when the water table rises. If a fuel tank must be located below the ground elevation in an area with flood hazards, it must be protected against the forces of buoyancy, velocity flow, and debris impact. Providing adequate anchoring for the tanks is one of the most common methods for protecting underground tanks. A fuel tank located below ground in a flood-prone area can be restrained by a counterweight in order to counteract the buoyancy force that is exerted by saturated soil during a flood. This can typically be either by anchoring to a reinforced concrete pad under the tanks or to deadman anchors on the sides of the tank.

The Ultimate Straps for Underground Storage Tanks

Our hold-down straps are made through pultrusion, which is a continuous process for manufacturing composite materials with a constant cross-section. Reinforcing fibers are pulled through a resin, and into a heated die where the resin undergoes polymerization. This results in fiberglass straps that are lighter than their steel counterparts, last longer, are more durable, resist corrosion, and have a lower coefficient of expansion than steel. The straps are then connected to deep galvanized cast-iron hooks using an exceptional composite-to-metal bonding technique providing an extensive load capacity.

Types of hold-down straps

We offer our clients an ideal solution to the industry’s needs with our quality hold-down straps at competitive prices. Our products are made with the highest grade materials to ensure their durability and quality. Our straps are available in a variety of lengths (from inside hook to inside hook) and hook types to meet your needs.

Not sure about the length of the straps that matches your project? We got you covered. Our team is always ready to help you with any inquiry you have.

Why Do So Many Clients Choose Our Products

– Custom-built
– Above and beyond industry standards
– Best-in-class materials
– Rigorous testing
– High resistance to acid corrosion
– Long lasting anchoring system
– Easy to install
– Packaged for easy loading, unloading and on-site handling

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Pultrusion Technique’s hold-down straps are made available in boxes containing 100 straps and can be delivered to both domestic and international clients. Our packaging system provides for easy and safe loading, unloading, and on-site handling. Regular orders are shipped in custom-built platforms and small orders in wood casings. Wood casings are designed so that straps are rolled to form a loop with a minimum radius of 30″ to prevent hairline fractures.

Platforms designed for your convenience

Platforms are designed for easy loading and unloading and allow for safe on-site handling.


– Custom-built heavy-duty platforms
– No crane handling
– Standard 44″ width
– Platform can support a maximum weight of 5,500 lbs on a 20-ft length
– Various platform lengths according to the length of straps

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